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Romanian Institute of Science and Technology - RIST
Str. Virgil Fulicea nr. 17, 400022 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

# Research Internships

The lab has open positions for Summer Internships for Universitatea BabeČ™-Bolyai (UBB) and Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca (TU) students, starting from July 2017

During the internship, the students will have the opportunity to

  • understand the basic mechanisms behind Deep Learning, one of the hottest trends in Data Science in the last few years
  • familiarize with TensorFlow, a framework by Google in Python to develop Deep Learning algorithms and applications
  • implement some basic Deep Learning algorithm, similarly to the examples described, or simplified versions in some cases
  • start to create the background necessary to develop a bachelor thesis in collaboration with us
  • face many challenges and have a lot of fun

  • # Material

    Slides used during the event organized at Universitatea BabeČ™-Bolyai on the 12/04/17 at 18:30

  • Introductory slides: Summer Internships at RIST
  • Research Internships in the Machine Learning and Optimization Group

  • # How to Apply

    The idea candidates for a Research Internship at RIST

  • love coding algorithms and/or math (algebra and geometry)
  • have a passion for problem solving
  • want to apply machine learning to challenging problems
  • are interested in starting a career in research
  • would like to collaborate with us for their bachelor theses

  • We look for students interested in developing a collaboration which starts with the internship and continue until the bachelor thesis

    Application form deadline: 30/04/2017

    # Contacts

    For more information contact deepriemann[DOT]internships[AT]rist[DOT]ro

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    (Last update 16 April 2017)